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Can I Be Absent?

"Can I be absent on all school days?"

This is what my four-soon-to-be-five-year-old said to me this afternoon. She likes school, but it's too long. The bus driver keeps switching kids around in their seats. The teacher keeps telling them to sit down and listen.

"She wants me to listen!"

My gosh - the nerve of that woman! I want her to listen too, but I'm not holding my little darling has an amazing ability to tune out what she doesn't want to hear (she gets it from me).

These are the problems of a kindergarten student.

Oh, how I wish I was still in kindergarten! Being read to, playing house (not cleaning it), getting to run around and scream without anyone looking at me like I'm crazy...yes. Those were the days. And naps. Naptime would be a hit with me if I was still in kindergarten.

Dancing With Dollls

I'm referring to my little girls here when I say dolls. My oldest would not appreciate me calling her little or a doll, but hey, there are worse things a mom can do, right? Anyway, they love to dance and they recently discovered a song that we can all enjoy. Dancing around the kitchen and family room is one of our favorite hobbies. Yes, sometimes I even get into it. Dancing counts as exercise, even if you're wearing a bathrobe.

The following video is from the classic Disney movie 101 Dalmatians which was recently re-released on DVD. Certainly, it's a way for Disney to make more money off of their classic animated films, but it's a good thing because our VHS version wore out ages ago. This new version of the song Cruela De Vil is performed by Selena Gomez, star of Disney Channel's Wizard's of Waverly Place.

My girls love to grab their Karaoke microphones and imitate this one again and again!

Mommy Meltdown

Did you ever have one of those days where your kids just pushed you to the edge resulting in a major mommy tantrum? That's right - now I am talking about being out of control as much as your two year old! What brings it on? What can you do to stop it? How can you recover from a meltdown?
Read about the day that sent me over the edge and some little tips I think will help.

Mommy Meltdown

I have also included several episodes of In The Motherhood, a hilarious look at day to day life as a mom.

Perfect Baby Pictures

Taking a beautiful picture of your baby is not as hard as you think. Your baby is most comfortable in familiar surroundings looking at his favorite person than he would be in a studio, with all the lights and people that may seem strange to him. For a quick and easy guide to taking a great picture of your little lovey, check out Perfect Baby Pictures.

The Power of Words

When I think of some of the things that have slid out of my mouth, all too fast, when speaking to my children, I cringe a little. Okay, I cringe a whole lot. During moments when I am totally loosing my cool, I say things I always promised myself I would never say. I make my kids responsible for my anger, as in "If you would just listen to me, I would not have to yell like this!" The truth is, of course, that I have the choice to behave like an adult, calm and cool, or like a child and throw a good old tantrum myself.
Can any of us really control our tongue? I often think that if someone I greatly admired was standing in the room I would not speak that way. I would not loose my cool. I would behave quite nicely, I am sure.
Hmmm. My children deserve to be treated with respect (we all do). How is an overworked, overtired mom supposed to get control over the most unmanageable tongue?

In my recent article for HubPages, I wrote in depth about this topic. The Power of Words

Knitting For Kids

There are so many reasons to teach your child to knit. It is a relaxing hobby that goes anywhere (excellent for long car rides). Knitting helps develop hand-eye coordination, and it is an excellent way to express their creative side! Don't know how to knit? Perhaps you could learn together with the simple instructions and beginner project that you will find in the following article:

Knitting For Kids

You will also find instructions on finger knitting, which children as young as five can master and create little bookmarks, hair accessories, belts and bracelets. You could just be getting started on a life long hobby!