Life Overflowing

Some of my days with the kids are overflowing with hugs and laughter, fun and games. Others, like today, are filled with a different kind of overflow. Noise. Excessive noise. A kitchen floor covered in cereal, thanks to my 1-year-old. Filled past the recommended capacity washer and dryer, due to the vomiting of my 8 year-old and trail of crafty debris throughout the house, compliments of my 4 year-old.
Trying to keep it all together without totally and completely losing my mind is my challenge, always. Love is patient is my motto, but I would be a big fat liar if I pretended that I am consistently patient with my children. Patience is something I work at daily, and (with the love and mercy of God) I am making progress. Slow progress. But it is still progress.
In My Cup Runneth Over I write about this daily life as the mom of 3 little loves more extensively. As always, with a sense of humor and thankfulness for the life I have been given.