Dancing With Dollls

I'm referring to my little girls here when I say dolls. My oldest would not appreciate me calling her little or a doll, but hey, there are worse things a mom can do, right? Anyway, they love to dance and they recently discovered a song that we can all enjoy. Dancing around the kitchen and family room is one of our favorite hobbies. Yes, sometimes I even get into it. Dancing counts as exercise, even if you're wearing a bathrobe.

The following video is from the classic Disney movie 101 Dalmatians which was recently re-released on DVD. Certainly, it's a way for Disney to make more money off of their classic animated films, but it's a good thing because our VHS version wore out ages ago. This new version of the song Cruela De Vil is performed by Selena Gomez, star of Disney Channel's Wizard's of Waverly Place.

My girls love to grab their Karaoke microphones and imitate this one again and again!


pinkpackrat said...

great update on an old favorite of mine--love the video

amy jane said...

Thanks pinkpackrat!